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A piece of the map


A picture I snapped while hiking The Footpath of Gods along the Amalfi Coast in Italy.



A Piece of the Map


Silver skies allow
green edges
of distant trees
to be seen sharply
as if stenciled-
one world displayed
against another.
It rained all three days that
we explored Positano.

You expressed
admiration for the
synchronized grace
of Italian rain clouds,
as if they too were
preparing an evening
meal with herbs and
dough and olive oil,
cooking together
with ease.
Overcome with
indulgent guilt I
apologized to
my pizza.
The silver skies
laughed with sea-
side cliffs because
silver skies exposed
how out of place
we were. Blue would
have been a disguise
like a camera, but
we were stenciled
rather than freely
drawn, or artfully
sewn, we carried
one world into


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